Feb 06

iSwifter iPad is an application that allows users to view Flash content directly on their tablet. Videos, games, almost any kind of content are displayed but unfortunately the application is not among the best. Running content is cumbersome, errors can occur when you access certain sites but the audio runs without any problem in most cases.

If you were disappointed that your favorite flash games on Facebook, Google + or other sources are not available on the iPad, then iSwifter is your remedy – without losing the warranty.

iSwifter is a Web browser that supports Flash and the iPad will cost $ 4.99. Install it, go to any site with flash games (I tested with Facebook and Armor Games) and play as you want. Price of five dollars is a bit high for IOS application, but instead get a competent browser that is capable of playing flash, and access to games optimized for iSwifter through various partnerships between producers creator browser and flash games. If you think a bit, if you play 5 free online flash games that otherwise would have had to buy on iTunes, then you’ve put money.

If you want to try before you buy iSwifter, then you can download and try free for 30 minutes before you upgrade to premium satellite transponder.

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