Aug 18

Lately many iPhone owners complained that the Home button does not work on their own devices as well as they were expected. The problem is a general one, affecting users worldwide so we are not talking about something local or something that affects only terminals with or without jailbreak. For this problem there are two simple fixes: either you go to the store of device were you have purchased it and you hope that they will consider this issue as one that requires changing the device or you can jailbreak and install Activator.

The first option is simple, you all know what involves so we will talk about the two example. Activator is a plugin available in Cydia from a long time and many tweaks launched in this year that is use to implement various functions in the iOS. Activator is a tweak that allows the users of iDevice to use gestures to undertake any actions in the operating system, regardless of how those actions that were before the jailbreak. Activator allows us to use gestures to replace any hardware button from our iDevices but only when the operating system is loaded on the device. If the device is still closed then depend on the physical buttons to restart it. To enter the terminal in Recovery / DFU Mode again you need physical buttons.

The downside to the Activator is that it requires  few resources to work so will have a significant impact on battery life but will spare the nerves caused by the Home button. To set the performance of certain gestures that perform functions that normally were “linked” to the Home button, go to Settings> on and set what you want. This tweak works 100% correctly on iOs 4 but the iOS 5 might encounter small problems when you using it.

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