Nov 12

This summer we were “inundated” by rumors that indicate that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5, will be thinner, and will have a 4-inch screen, capacitive button and aluminum housing. In reality only the iPhone 4S was launched on the market but iPhone 5 exist and still exist as a prototype that has been tested by some Apple employees.

Those from BusinessInsider announce now that has information from a person who would have played with the device and it contains all the specifications that have appeared in the form of rumor on the Internet.

Since many of you have been waiting to see that device released by Apple probably will wonder why it took the Cupertino company decided to launch iPhone 4S? Well it seems that Steve Jobs was the man who opposed of this release claiming that the 4 inch screen would lead to a fragmentation of the iDevice’s series launched by the company from Cupertino.

Of course those of BusinessInsider information could not be confirmed by someone within Apple, but the existence of such a prototype is very possible and I say that because Apple tested the iPad tablets with 7 inch screen and various forms of housing.

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