Sep 08

Apple is preparing the employees for the launch of iOS 5 and icloud, and the mobile operators do the same thing but they test and the final version of IOS 5 and in Foxconn China has already begun to produce the iPhone 5 that will be launched in the coming weeks on the market.

Because are enough iPhone 5 terminals to be available on the launch day, Foxconn produces at present around 150,000 iPhone 5 terminals and is paced by Pegatron that is producing only about 10,000 units in each day.

Apple expected this month about 5-6 million of iPhone 5 terminals by its partners from China but in the next month we will talk about a number of units for almost more than 4 times bigger, sign of that Apple is expected to have some very high demand in the period before the holidays.

iPhone 5 could be launched this year by some telephone operators who currently do not sell and the increase sales of iPhone devices could be significant for the Cupertino company. No matter how many units produce daily each factory, I hope that the devices will not have problems with the screen or to other external or internal components.

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