Jul 18

Most speculation has put the next generation of iPhone launch delayed due to lack of parts, the problem caused by the earthquake which took place in March in Japan.

But here’s the new information, published on a website from China that attributed the delay of another factor. According to 9to5Mac translation, the website Sohu says that Apple has problems with its A5 dual-core processor, which is overheating inside the iPhone 5. A5 is the same processor that Apple integrated in iPad 2, but according to that Chinese site, because the iPhone 5 is smaller than the tablet, doesn’t have the ability to cool the processor.

Cupertino might expect this until the next generation of chips, A6 will be available, and this could be early in 2012. Meanwhile, to fit in the schedule with at least one new release every year, Apple could release a minor upgrade of the current iPhone 4, that most likely it will be called iPhone 4S.

Lately it has become increasingly difficult to give credence to a rumor or another about the iPhone 5. 9to5Mac publication is skeptical regarding the information on the Chinese site, given that there were several reliable sources that have floated a possible launch sometime in mid August. We will keep you updated with the latest information about iPhone 5. Stay tuned!

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