Sep 24

In mid-July we announce you that a British man already stood in the line for iPhone 5 in front of an Apple store in London. Then he gave the start of an experiment where he wanted to prove to the world that can survive in front of an Apple store until the launch of iPhone 5 without spending any money. Meanwhile he has stopped waiting for announcement of the release experiment of the new device but after this happens it is decided to go in front of Apple store in Covent Garden, London, and install a tent where he will live up until the launch of iPhone 5.

In summer he managed to get camping equipment, food and everything needed from various sponsors demonstrating that advertising companies are able to do anything and everything this fall will repeat. He has already prepared some of the things that will help him survive in front of the store for more than a week and will get of course more after he will be installed. The Britain is called Rob Shoesmith and is a former marketing director of applications development companies for App Store.

He had started a blog in the summer, blog through which he wanted to keep those interested informed about the events of the iPhone 5 launch but it seems that everything will be delayed until mid-October when it is rumored that it will be actually released the device.

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