Jul 28

Apple is working on implementation in iOS 5 of a new feature voice control, called Assistant. The new feature was discovered by those from 9 to 5 Mac, with a screenshot provided by a “reliable source”. Assistant is not yet in the current development version of iOS beta 5, so it is likely to be exclusively feature for the iPhone 5. (Just as Voice Control was exclusive for 3GS.)

The leak suggests that in addition to text conversion in speech and ordering the basic functions of the iPhone, the new program also will integrate the technology used in Siri application that Apple has purchased recently. Siri is a free application that uses data stored on your device, such as location, calendar events and many others to find the best way to fulfill your request.

For example, if you say “Find me two tickets to the Transformers movie tonight”, Assistant will find available tickets to a location nearest for you. In addition, the application will have the ability to respond to the user.

According to sources, the feature is still in the process of development and may not be ready in time for launch the next generation of iPhone. May be one of the many programs that Apple is testing. We will wait and see.

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