Oct 16

All summer I’ve seen rumors about a new iPhone 5 with a different design from that of the iPhone 4 but in the end we chose iPhone 4S which is a great iPhone 4 with better hardware. Well all the rumors about the iPhone 5 might come true next year when Apple might unveil his latest creation the whole world Steve Jobs.

It seems that the future of the terminal model could be the last iPhone that Steve Jobs would have worked closely and that you would have close to completion, the device having already established the design. The information coming from CNET quoting a U.S. analyst but also a source inside Apple who says iPhone 5 will be a major change to the iPhone 4/4S.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs was not involved in development of iPhone 4S but directly in the iPhone 5 next year so theoretically we expect a really great device. For now it talks about a design that would bring a thinner iPhone and a larger screen but nothing more and they know this information anyway this summer.

By next fall, and Apple can change many iPhone 4S seems to be the best selling iPhone ever released so will be interesting to see how Apple will prepare the upcoming year and what kind of device you out to convince even more iPhone owners to to upgrade.

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