Sep 14

Last year the presentation of iPhone 4 device by the publication Gizmodo that has generated unprecedented interest in a device released by Apple. Last year, the Cupertino company had very serious problems in coping with the demand registered by iPhone 4 but iPhone 5 could make you forgot all this year.

The analysis company market called RBC Capital Markets has conducted a study of about 2,200 Americans to discover how many of them waiting for iPhone 5 and plans to purchase Apple’s new device.

The information provided by this study shows that consumers eagerly await the launch of iPhone 5, exactly 31% of respondents said that they are interested in purchasing such a terminal and 66% of those who own an iPhone will be upgraded to the new device as soon as will be released.

The numbers of a study it rarely represent the reality but in this year Apple has postponed the launch of the new device and many users looking forward to see what the Cupertino company has prepared for them this fall. It would not be excluded that some iPhone owners to switch to Android when iPhone 5 will be well below of expectations but now most of them are interested to buy the new device.

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