Oct 03

Tomorrow a million users will want to know what the new products that Apple will present are and of course when they can go to stores to buy them. Although we don’t have a release date yet, the people from Verizon are preparing to launch a new product tomorrow and opening a session of pre-orders so that in some call centers was announced that tomorrow will be overtime. iPhone 4S/5 will not be launched tomorrow in any way that we do not have the GM version of iOS 5 but would not just be possible that Apple or Verizon to open a session of pre-orders for the product.

Apple will open the session when pre-orders will be made in all countries where iPhone 4S/5 will be available, namely the USA, England, France, Germany and Japan. Apple has done like last year when opened a session of pre-orders for iPhone 4 days after the opening keynote to WWDC 2010 and this year things could follow the same course. In conclusion, iPhone 4S/5 will not be released under any circumstances tomorrow or this week and that because iOS 5 GM is not available and application developers for iOS need to test it before the Apple to launch officially.

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