Oct 28

At just two weeks after the launching of iPhone 4s on the market, Dev Team has managed to present the first images with jailbroken device with Cydia installed. Unfortunately, Dev Team says that the jailbreak solution is preliminary and has so many lack things until the official launch can not happen now. Of course we expect something like that considering that it’s a new device with a new operating system and general solutions of jailbreak to be released about a month after launching the device.

Dev Team does not say if the jailbreak solution is tethered or untethered, but it tethered at first suppose. Of course until the official release it will be untethered and will be available for all iDevice, including iPad 2 but for now would not bother me to have a tethered.

I hope that Dev Team to release by the end of November a new jailbreak solution for iPhone 4S but they did not have time to complete the project so we will have to wait. Remember that Chronic Dev Team working on a solution of untethered jailbreak but they have not submitted any evidence that it would work on iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

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