Oct 11

iPhone 4S came into the hands of Chinese who made a brief presentation of it but did some benchmarks. It seems that these benchmarks show that the new iPhone from Apple is the fastest mobile device to search on the Web faster than Samsung Galaxy S II or Galaxy Tab 8.9.

In the first two images of this Article you have the benchmarks made for search on the web and for Javascript and the first is iPhone 4S that get an 80% score better than the Samsung Galaxy S II and only with a few points better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. In the second test the Samsung tablet get a score with just 2 points better than the iPhone 4S, but Samsung Galaxy S II is with 95% slower.

Those from AnandTech published some synthetic tests of the new iPhone 4S graphics component that would seem to have a chip PowerVR 543MP2 graphics dual-core, just as iPad 2. In these tests only Apple tablet is found to be faster and it is normal to be so given that it has a more powerful processor. In conclusion, in these tests iPhone 4S is much faster than the Samsung Galaxy S II but remains to be seen how it will cope in the real world against the smartphone from Samsung.

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