Jun 02

New source is talking about the next iPhone that will not be a revolutionary product, just a simple update of the current model. An iPhone 4S.

According to the news reported by DigiTimes, the next iPhone will have an ARM Cortex-A9 CPU (Apple A5), without specifying whether it will be dual-core as iPad 2 or other one. IPhone 4S will also improve a camera equipped with 3-4 internal antennas to be compatible with the CDMA and GSM networks and will have 8Mpx. The appearance will be almost identical to the current one.

DigiTimes says that the new iPhone could say goodbye to the SIM card slot. This is a feature Apple has already tried it before on some prototypes but then to abandon the idea of taking into account the criticisms of various operators. In practice, an iPhone that would allow its users to remotely activate the device and choose the number and the telephone operator that he wants to use, all through a special chip. However, this last part of the iPhone without SIM seems a little “hair pulled” and that because Apple has confirmed that it gave up and apart from this lack of a physical card could create problems of security and authentication, in addition to the obvious difficulties of implementation of this solution by a mobile operator can also have problems in terms of customer care.

But we will definitely know more on June 6. Until then, stay tuned for more information’s.

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