Oct 23

Since I bought the new iPhone 4S I noticed a discrepancy between the signal of the new device launched by Apple and iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4S can not be switched on a 3G network on an EDGE unless you are an area where there is 3G coverage and if I see that my iPhone 4 is doing better than iPhone 4S in terms of signal quality.

In the above picture you have a comparison between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S using the application Field Test and observe that iPhone 4 has a reception of -78 while iPhone 4S have – 94, the value of -78 is better.

Apple solved the problem that led to loss of the signal at iPhone 4 but apparently the new 4S is not doing so well with the signal reception, as you can see in the picture above. I didn’t missed calls; I had no problem like that as I traveled through many cities but the signal in local area so battery life has suffered since it can not switch to EDGE.

If you have iPhone devices and iPhone 4S devices I am curious if you have the same problems or it is something that only happens in my case. To activate Field Test Mode and view the image above values you have to type in dialer *3001#12345#* and it will open automatically.

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