Aug 23

Those from Reuters managed to obtain exclusive information about the launch of the version 8 GB of iPhone 4, which would represent a “cheap iPhone” version which the press talking about a few months. Of course the sources of this information does not reveal how much it will cost this new device, but according to tradition, iPhone 4 with 8 GB would be sold at a price of only $ 100 / € less than the iPhone 5.

Practical information obtained “exclusively” by those from Reuters don’t bring anything new because we knew all that the iPhone 4 will be sold at a lower price once the iPhone 5 will be officially launched. Article published by people from Reuters tells us, however, that Apple partners in Asia have already begun to market the new version of the device and the launch would take place by the end of September.

Together with the information about the iPhone 4, people from Rueters have managed to obtain information about iPhone 5 which seems to be officially launched by the end of September. Those from Reuters speculates that the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen and will have an 8 megapixel camera and a different design from iPhone 4 but actually we not have concrete information. In conclusion, the iPhone 5 would be launched until the end of next month.

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