Jul 23

One of Microsoft’s top-level managers Kevin Turner has likened iPhone 4 to Windows Vista.

Everyone knows that Microsoft and Apple are in a competition nearly in all fields. Apple that’s turned upside down cell phone market with iPhone, is going a few steps ahead from all. Beside Microsoft has postponed Kin project, it has also effected positively to this situation.

But, Microsoft isn’t only frustrated company. Apple has also problems with iPhone 4 that’s supposed to have big success. Some important mistakes have been talked in the market about iPhone 4, like signal strength problems.

As for that, Microsoft seems pleased because of this situation. Kevin Turner who is one of top-leveled managers of Microsoft told in an interview. He has likened iPhone 4 and Windows Vista. He said that both of them were talked about their important problems after the products were released. And he stated openly that he was so pleasure for this situation.

Kevin Turner hasn’t neglected to mock with Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Finally, he taunted like this: “Be sure that you won’t have to know, how you must hold your phone while you’re calling with Windows Phone 7“.

Let’s see what is next.

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