Mar 28

How many speakers on iPhone ?

There is only one speaker to give out the voice. Speaker is at the left, microphon is at the right bottom. There is also a speaker on the upper side.

Can iPhone charge via USB ?

Yes, this is one of the most beautiful feature of iPhone. When you connected via USB to any device, iPhone is charging itself.

How long is the battery life ?

It can make 8 hours of talk time, 24 hours of music playback, 7 hours of video playback and 6 hours of Internet use with one-time charging. The standby time is specified as 10.4 days. In testing when the WiFi feature turned off, talk time is around 7 hours and 45 minutes. This feature is taken down to 4 hours with WiFi. Similar ratios is valid for other applications.

Where is the battery on iPhone?

iPhone’s battery is not removable like in other phones. For removing the battery, the device must be opened but we do not recommend this.

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