Sep 27

When Apple released iPad 2 has presented this tablet as 33% thinner than the previous model but keeping the same battery life. For Apple iPad 3 seems to prepare something better because recently signed new contracts with suppliers of batteries for the tablets and it seems that iPad 3 will have new batteries, more thinner, with better range.

Taipei, Sept. 6, 2011 (CENS)–With the upcoming iPad 3 to feature a thinner, lighter battery module that is widely believed to be priced 20-30% higher than iPad 2’s, Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp., both Apple Inc.’s contract suppliers of iPad and Macbook battery packs, will hence secure a surefire profit drive for the near future.

The new battery design allows Apple to produce a tablet designed much thinner than now, so basically we could attend in the next year to launch the world’s thinnest tablets. The new batteries of iPad will have a range up to 30% higher, so basically we could get nearly 13 hours of use of the tablet, an autonomy which certainly will not be matched by any other manufacturer too soon.

The recent obsession of Apple to produce thinner devices is as beneficial to users because it offers a new design, which does not require sacrifices liked in terms of functions available in the operating system. By next spring there is enough time but I hope that this information is true.

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