Jul 27

So far only rumors are circulating about the third generation of iPad. It seems that the PC tablet will come with a Retina Display, which was initially told that the iPad 2 will have this type of screen and it will have dimensions slightly smaller than previous generations.

Specialists are quite skeptical about the launch of the new product so fast. Basically, iPad 2 was launched in March and will take on average six months of state stores and then comes the next generation.

Moreover, if we think that any product launch is very expensive for the company because of promotion activities and that the public may be tempted to wait six months to buy the third generation of iPad, Apple could have a problem.

According to other sources, the iPad is a upgrade from its predecessor and not a new generation of tablet PC, which seems more reasonable in terms of both cost and in terms of risks assumed by the company.

It remains to be seen how much truth is in these speculations. Apple recently applied with success to maintain public interest through small rumors about its intentions. If that is the key to success we will certainly see the numbers.

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