Jun 05

Nvidia did a new demonstration of the Kal’El quad-core processor that it intends to produce in the second half of this year. This processor will be implemented in both tablets launched in late 2011 and finally launched in early 2012 but not yet in smartphones. Given this information, those from Barrons speculated that Apple could work on a A6 processor for iPad 3 that would be quad-core and more powerful than Kal’El. Last year Apple launched the A4 single core chip at 1GHz that is reached iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and Apple TV 2G. This year Apple launched the A5 dual-core chip that will probably get in the iPhone 4S/5, iPod Touch 4G and Apple TV 3G.

Apple may launch next year the A6 quad-core chip for iPad 3, as the Barrons said, the idea of being one step ahead of the competition which will definitely implement the Kal’El processor from Nvidia. Of course we’re talking about much higher performance in quad-core chips that could be stronger even from some laptops now available on the market and as powerful as some desktop PCs. Those from Barrons said that Apple will implement these A6 chips in iPhone cause the its very little space and the overheating terminal.

Considering how Apple processors have evolved in the last two years plus the fact that Nvidia is launching a quad-core, I think Apple could do the same. A5 chip is higher than Nvidia Tegra 2 according to tests conducted by some U.S. sites, and if Apple wants to remain on the first place must bring a powerful processor next year, maybe even a quad-core. Technology for mobile terminals has evolved into an alarming rate and the fact that we have quad-core processors next year in the Android tablets seems truly remarkable. I just hope Apple have the courage to overcome the technology that Nvidia is developing today.

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