Sep 03

From this article you will find how the voice commands system works by Google available in the App Store from several years. Google gives us the opportunity to say with voice the command when we put the device  to ear and the application automatically search on the Google search engine. The system is activated automatically when the terminal is taken from the ear to allow the user to utter, simple controls and easy, just like they talk on the phone.

Apple plans to implement a similar system in iOS 5 but it will use Siri system developed by the same name acquired last year by Apple. Syria will do exactly the same things but it has some additional functions, namely to enable users to purchase online using a simple voice commands or to reserve their tickets to a movie. Apple basically wants to bring in iOS 5 what Android has for some time but Apple implement will be slightly different and will have more features.

The information about implementing of this new system come from 9to5mac who were found inside the iOS file system some information that indicates how the whole system will be implemented. Of course the implementation of a beta and a final release version is much better, but Apple would make a big step forward by implementing this system.

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