Jun 07

Apple has promised an easier way to enable our terminal but also to synchronize with what we have on the iCloud. Note that the terminal is already activated but the setup process requires you to log in terminal with an Apple ID that is used for synchronizing of our data with iCloud but also from the MobileMe service of those from Apple. Everything seems very easy to make, is slightly more difficult than with iTunes, but even so you can activate and use the phone even in the store. What I liked is that after installing the terminal has already started to unload dozens of applications, I think Apple should offer an option right here but is their decision.

Let’s get back to iOS 5 and other news, apart from those presented here, we know that:

  • We have the option to determine if our terminal will sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi or not;
  • We have the option to set Safari to open pages in background;
  • We have options in iOS that allow setting OTA update system, that we can check if there are updates for the terminal and of course we can stop all updates;
  • Twitter has a special menu in Settings where to install the application;
  • FaceTime button position was moved to the top of the Messages menu now;
  • We can set how many notices we see in the Notifications Center: whether it is 1, 5 or 10 but we can do whatever we want.
  • We can make shortcuts for phrases and abbreviations to link directly to a keyboard shortcut. In iOS 5 there is a predefined shortcut, called OMW and is is “translated” to On My Way!;
  • We have the option to print a piece of paper in Maps application;
  • We can make new albums for pictures directly from the Photos app and we can add or remove pictures from existing albums;
  • We can mark our emails as: read/unread;
  • We can set that when we make a FaceTime call to display the phone number or email instead of the caller ID;
  • In the Weather application there is a category that displays the weather depending on the location where we are;
  • Finally we can delete individual calls from the terminal!;
  • iOS 5 buttons in the menus were changed slightly so that the buttons are now round and are placed in round boxes;

iOS 5 is available for the application developers via iOS Dev Center. If you get the new iOS 5 from a developer make sure that your UDID terminal to be registered with Apple to test beta versions of iOS 5.

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