Oct 29

Probably you already heard that Dev Team presented a video in which iPad 2 is jailbroken on iOS 5, and two pictures in which it is demonstrate that the iPhone 4S had the same thing. Unfortunately MuscleNerd is silent on any possible solution for baseband unlock iOS 5 coming up even in a year to launch the latest version of ultrasn0w to unlock the baseband 06.15.00 of iPad.

Currently we known that Dev Team would have a solution to unlock in progress nut the jailbreak untethered solution for iOS 5 is a priority. Since the decoded iPhones are sold in most countries around the world, decreased interest unlock enormously and this is reflected in the work of the Dev Team. Maybe for iPhone 3GS or 4 there is a solution for unlock the baseband of iOS 5 but for iPhone 4S certainly will take more than a launching.

If you purchased an iPhone 4S hoping that you can decode it using ultrasn0w we will recommend you highly armed with patience. For those that have iPhone 3GS or 4 might be better news but only after the release of jailbreak solution for iOS 5. I do not know news about a new launch date for untethered jailbreak or unlock solutions.

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