Jan 04

A new report says that Faxconn Electronics, one of the Apple’s favourites producers they are working with for a few years, is producing 150.000 iPhones every day! The amount expected to ship from Apple is somewhere at 5-6 million in September.

This report comes from Digi Times website, and they said that 150.000 iPhones per day is the principal target, just like they signed and agreed in the contract. The number of units produced is estimated somewhere to 22 million in the fourth quarter economic year, when Apple will greatly reduce the stock of iPhone 4.

Meanwhile, the lens producer, Largan Precision and the maker of touch-screen displays TPK Holding, supplier of glass G-Tech Optoelectronics and Simplo and Dynapack battery supplier is working at full capacity, says the report. The next iPhone will be launched in October and at the end of the month you can already pre-order the next iPhone generation.

Meanwhile, this is the last photograph I saw, and the rumors said it’s been made with the new iPhone 5.

We will keep you updated with the latest news about iPhone 5, as soon as we hear something about it you will be the first who knows.  Stay tuned for more complex details.

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