Jun 16

Ten days ago, when Steve Jobs during WWDC showed the world how the new and “revolutionary” iCloud service work, made clearly one of the biggest blunders. Let’s see how:

iCloud service, a true pillar of the future iOS 5, it will have to radically change our approach to the digital world and this is not debatable. Mobility brought within the automatic synchronization between devices and many other news.

So, at WWDC was only one thing to do: to demonstrate the use of the iCloud service. And Steve Jobs has done this very well. But you know that news came out in these times? ICloud is still in beta, and because Apple is still working to make operational mega DataCenter di North Carolina, the only way to mane iCloud functional was his hosting in a similar service already existing. And here I think Jobs made the mistake we we’re talking, because the server elected to host the first month of iCloud service is neither more nor less than Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service!

Some might argue that this is not a mistake, because iOS 5 is still in beta and therefore is in the test phase, yet for a so proud a company like Apple or Steve Jobs in particular, the help asked from Microsoft to launch a revolutionary charged service, is not a satisfaction.

Especially if they talk about the concept of “Revolution” that iCloud should get it. Apple is preparing for a revolution but Microsoft offers the weapons. It was better to wait until the infrastructure of launching the iCloud service was ready, rather than rely on the “enemy”?

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