Jun 06

As you know, tomorrow, during the Apple WWDC, will present iCloud, IOS 5 and OS X Lion. There are rumors that bring interesting news on icloud, let’s see some of them:

First we talk about an important update for Time Capsule, which combined with the new iCloud service will make all files and data such as pictures, videos, Word documents and Excel and others will be available anytime, anywhere, both on Mac OS X and IOS devices. All will be based on the Time Capsule which will become much more than a backup copy device, it will become an iCloud server.

Here’s how the access to this server goes: files stored on your computer will be a backup to Time Capsule and then it will be available online via remote control on the Mac and IOS devices. If you make changes to any computer connected to this Time Capsule server, the changes will be updated by iCloud and stored on Time Capsule, the device will store data even when the computer is off, so when you have multiple devices connected to the iCloud account you have an automatic synchronization between all devices.

This service also allows uploading images and video directly on your iPhone or iPad Time Capsule, the files will be stored on the device and made available to other devices through synchronization. The system is very similar to Dropbox that rely on a file-hosting web system, which is known for its simplicity and ease of use. But Apple’s own personal Cloud will not be stored on an online server but on Time Capsule. This feature will soon be added on OS X and IOS, but it is unclear which version will support.

But the surprises for this WWDC do not end here, Airport Express will undergo a major upgrade to receive more processing power.

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