Apr 13

I think your File Manager is essential, no matter what what platform you choose. Is the application you use most often and which are directly dependent functionality. We all have formed an image of the perfect File Manager. I will begin by sharing mine.

Interface – The first aspect that we considered. It is necessary to include new design elements  to integrate well with other applications in the system. It must be intuitive and the implementation to take place smoothly among directories;
Network – Transfer files between PC and often phone. You need options for LAN/FTP and net storage (Dropbox/Box etc..)
Root – Are the applications that you move them in/System directory. We need to have the possibility to mount the directory as Readable/Writable and set permissions for applications. These advanced options are essential for me and eliminates the need for separate applications.

We tested many file management applications available on the Store. Those who answered my design requirements were having large gaps in other chapters. Until recently chose a compromise solution, choosing ES File Explorer. We did not find anything to complain about this application in the options available in terms of design but the gap was too great.

X-plore File Manager. Those from Lonely Cat Games are known for their data management application available on the Symbian platform. The File Manager search I found the perfect option for Android and I was hooked. Not only network options and meet the requirements of my root, but also interface with two panels for easy action and extensive configuration options,  left a good feeling. There are also shortcomings. The design combines elements of the Ice Cream Sandwich with the Gingerbread and even if they were well structured the unity was missing.  Another minus was the lack of support for Dropbox, although Box Sugarsync were present.

Given the huge potential offered by the X-plore, I did what everyone should do more often: I contacted the developer and I presented my opinion on small gaps. Five days later an update to the application of corrected all my issues were missing. The interface has been completely converted to the new elements present in Ice Cream Sandwich and added support for Dropbox. It was improved and work experience, everything is faster, very smooth, a pleasure.

X-plore File Manager is perfect for me and have to try to convince you. It is a store manager less known, but is offered free and beyond any practicable alternative.

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