Apr 26

Huawei has big plans for this year, which involves not just Android Smartphones equipped with quad core processors, but, for example, they will launch Windows Phone 8 phones. Chinese company would employ over 70 people associated with this project, according to Chinese site WPDang.

In addition to Smartphones with Windows Phone 8 Apollo made by Huawei, the company is working on Windows 8 with LTE tablets. Go back to Apollo OS phones, they could be launched by end of year and prices will be quite affordable, around $300. It seems that the Asian producer targets U.S. market with LTE tablets Win 8, which probably will come sometime in the autumn or even winter. So far Huawei hasn’t made waves on tablet market, at least not as MediaPad models.

In 2011, Huawei has shipped 20 million Smartphones, and this year began with a presentation of a quad core phone, the slimmest Smartphone on the planet and the list goes on. Plans for 2012 include sales of 60 million handsets by the end. Will the company be required or will return to production of low end models that have established it?

Samsung Galaxy S III’s quad core processor has been confirmed: Exynos 4 Quad

The countdown to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III has began. The phone will be presented in a week at an event in London. After seeing an unsatisfactory teaser for this Smartphone, a hands on video and some photos with it, we finally know the official details about its processor. It will be Exynos 4 Quad, a 1.4-GHz quad core chipset.

The processor is based on 4 cores ARM Cortex A9 and this processor promises twice the performance of Exynos 4 Dual, while consuming 20% less energy. Samsung uses technology Exynos 4 Quad HKMG (High K Metal Gate) with low power consumption and has a companion chip that is the administration of this consumption. He’s controlling core processor to balance efficiency. For example, Exynos Quad 4 will not be used at full capacity when you check email and that’s a better battery life. However, if you play HD games, the CPU will be fully utilized and will provide an experience “similar to the PC” according to Samsung.

The new SoC integrates a new video engine that supports full HD video playback at 30 fps and we have an interface for image processing, which will deal with shooting high resolution. I can not wondering if this processor will be used on Meizu MX, since the company announced that it would launch a phone with quad core CPU Exynox in a few months. Surely Galaxy S III will be the first handset with this process and can not wait to see it officially launched on May 3.

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