Apr 18

HTC wanted to remind everyone that supports products Beats by Dre, company that was bought last year by the One series manufacturer. Recently there were rumors that HTC would reduce involvement of Beats technology in their audio products, with the change of its CFO.

You should know that Winston Yung, HTC CFO was replaced with Chia-Lin Chang, and rumors have emerged because Yung was an important element in HTC investment in Beats and when they move into another position, it was possible that the importance of audio segment dissapear. CEO Peter Chou has denied such rumors, saying that media speculation is unfounded and that the progress made by HTC and Beats together is clear that brands are already seen as a whole.

Notice that phones from One series have Beats branding on them and such audio technology, and this indicates that this cooperation continues without problems. A few weeks ago I was informing you that the Taiwanese phone manufacturer will not make Beats headphones bundled with its terminals and behold, before the information was true, at least for One series. It remains to see what will bring the future HTC models.

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