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Lately, things on the market of smartphones and mobile operating systems have been clear as possible. I witnessed a bitter duel between Android (supported by nearly all phone manufacturers) and the iOS from Apple releases that we had more or less sound and most anticipated, the new devices, ambitious and powerful. Somewhere on this confrontation have tried to come to light and other models from Nokia or BlackBerry, but without much success.

But the world has forgotten Windows Phone devices? Very famous in the past, especially until the advent of Google desserts, smart phones out of the yard of Bill Gates began to gather dust and that’s all.

However, it seems that people from Microsoft are working on a long-awaited comeback and so is that with the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, slowly but surely starting to make their appearance and new terminals. First responders in the mission to resuscitate the smartphone market with Windows have been those from HTC Titan launching.

Phone name inspires size, the terminal is large, the display too and it fits in the category of the diagonals of 4.7 inches less common. Somewhat logical question would be: What’s to build a plasma Windows Phone 7.5 when the operating system currently only supports resolutions of 480 x 800 pixels? Where the idea that as more and more see less and worse than better? It is perfectly true that we are dealing with a splendid Super LCD which displays a black and convincing enough contrast and brightness is enviable, but what would you do with the shameful report of 199 pixels per inch, when most phones have 300ppi?

If we look at the specifications of the terminal, Scorpion 1.5 GHz processor, 205 adrenal graphics processor, 512 MB RAM, Wi-Fi, DLNA, 16GB memory, you rightly tempted to believe that you are dealing with a titanium in multimedia.

Basically the new version of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango should bring many improvements and fill some gaps or bugs present in previous releases. He managed a better integration of social networks, synchronizing contacts and messages from the phone with those of Facebook or Twitter. Another positive aspect would be easy implementation more or less success of the idea of ​​multitasking. If we back button open applications will appear in the number of 6 and every new opening, the last of the list will be closed. Since Windows still talking about a terminal I find hilarious that he still discussed the semi-multitasking.

So, HTC Titan may be regarded as a somewhat exotic specimen. This phone needs updates closing and elimination of bugs, but still sold at a price equal to the most titled Android rival: about $600. From this point of view there are two scenarios: either outright price is adjusted, or are delivered as soon as the necessary updates. Without one of the two variants, HTC Titan is likely to remain an exotic phone.

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