Jan 10

With particularly unibody design, HTC Rhyme is more than just a phone – is a complete offer. Accessories such as headphones extremely elegant wired, a docking station that turns into a clock or a music center and a symbol that tells you that you have received a call or message is more carefully studied to suit your style . Rhyme and HTC also offers a premium camera with instant trigger that makes great photos without delay and allows you to enhance your photos so that all look great. Rhyme is HTC phone that fits your lifestyle.

Simplicity is elegant genuine. HTC Rhyme is a smart and elegant. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide a unique experience and without blemish. Unibody design or extraordinary is quite different from that of other phones. HTC Rhyme is easy, slim and refined, giving it a natural elegance. The range of fashion colors, shades inspired by nature, brings style and class of your appearance, whether you’re dressing up or not.

HTC Rhyme offers a standard and optional accessories that enhance the elegant simplicity of the whole experience on this phone. Favorite music with wireless headphones extremely elegant. If you need to charge your phone, do it in style by setting it in the docking station, which turns to watch and music center. Not miss a call with HTC Rhyme Charm, which attaches to the phone and easily shines when you get a call or message.

Inspiration can come at any time. HTC Rhyme has a unique camera with instant trigger and target performance to capture memorable moments even when it happens, even in low light conditions. Burst shooting mode captures five snapshots of the same scene, so to choose the best or all, before you share them online. And add a filter Portrait mode that makes skin look smoother and more beautiful picture.

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