Mar 26

The theory that the dual core Snapdragon S4 processor would be better than quad core NVIDIA Tegra 3 and now and benchmarks prove it. As you already know, HTCX One X  will have a version with CPU Tegra 3 and one with Snapdragon S4, the latter arriving with LTE and it’s destined for Americans by AT&T. And now let’s see how the two versions behave.

Note that this phone presented at MWC 2012 and rebranded the American version, which actually will be called HTC One XL, name justified in view of 4.7 inch screen diagonal. The Android Central had the opportunity to make a series of tests with different processors and terminals as you see in the images attached to this article, Snapdragon S4 Krait had won. Note that your device with this CPU has 4952 points in Quadrant, exceeding the device’s remote and Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab or Nexus S.

HTC One XL ranked in the top rankings in Vellamo benchmark, which is a considerable distance even from ASUS Transformer Prime with Android 4.0, their first quad core tablet on the market. The handset is higher than Galaxy Nexus, Motorola xoom, Xperia Arc, Motorola ATRIX and many other models of tablets and phones. Note however that the use of everyday things will stay like that. For example, if you get twice the One XL HTC Galaxy’s score does not mean that Nexus will be two times faster to use daily.

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