Apr 25

First quarter wasn’t pink at all for HTC, financial results showing a decrease of income over $1 billion, while profit also decreased 3 times compared to previous periods. Well, the Taiwanese manufacturer is much more optimistic about the next period, stating that Q2 is expected to increase serious. Their predictions also mention the approximate amount of $3 billion as revenue for Q2.

And this is mainly due to terminal One series, which includes model HTC One X, review that I did some time ago, but very thin and accessibility One S and One V. In the U.S. we have the HTC One XL dual core version Snapdragon S4 with LTE quad core’s One X. So far we have first sales figures for One series, although it already has about two weeks behind in Europe and will debut soon in the U.S. through AT&T and T-Mobile .

HTC advantage is the advance they had in front of Samsung, which will present its new Galaxy S III model next week, so the bulk of sales for the One series is these days, until the new Galaxy S III will be launched. Obviously, if  Samsung product is postponed or will reach In SUA this autumn, the public will prefer to buy a HTC One, but let us not hurry and see what Samsung will announce. Until then, one thing is clear: HTC sales and profits will certainly be higher than in the first quarter of this year, a barren one for all producers.

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