Oct 01

Although it was announced that Monday or on October 4 it may have available in App Store the Facebook application for iPad, now here we find a possible reason for the delay in launching the application. It appears that the Facebook application for TouchPad is the reason why the app dedicated for iPad tablets has not yet released. Steve Jobs earlier this summer attended in a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, in conjunction with the launch of the application for iPad but to the news that HP will launch a similar application.

Steve Jobs broke off the negotiations although Zuckerberg promised that HP will not launch the application. So fragile relationships of the two companies have suffered a new blow when in the fall we could see the application available on App Store and for this we must thank the people from Google who became the “enemy” of the two companies together. However this is not the first time when the two companies have differing points on collaboration because last year there have been discussions about integrating Facebook into iOS 4.

The problems between the two companies came when they discussed the API’s that needed to be implemented on iOS so the discussions were interrupted and not even in iOS 5 we not have an integrated social network. Perhaps in the future Apple will integrate Facebook in the operating system’s iDevice but until then we expecting the Facebook application for iPad on October 4.

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