Nov 24

Find My iPhone is a free service offered by Apple that allows iDevice owners to locate their device on the map, to block it, send a message to him and remove the entire contents if it is necessary. Apple has designed this service in the idea of helping users to find a lost or a stolen iPhone, and with the application help were caught thieves, were rescued victims of aviation incident and of course found many iPhones.

The service requires that your iDevice to have GPS on all the time and have an active internet connection to allow taking orders. I can say that I do not use the application “Find My iPhone” because the battery life is pretty much affected when GPS is always kept open and I prefer to have a good range instead of always being accessible on a map.

For others the autonomy falls secondary to the security offered by “Find My iPhone”, and I wonder how good the service is. I write a few months ago an article about “Find My iPhone”, so I come with the next question: How useful is for you the service “Find My iPhone”?

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