Jan 03

Because phones are becoming more efficient day by day, the damage risk is increasing. If you buy a smartphone (for example an iPhone) you won’t be happy when you’ll see scratches or any other malfunctions such as weak signal, etc.

As long as you will take care of your phone, the chance to fully enjoy it for a long time it’s bigger.

Here are some tips for your phone:

– Do not put your phone in areas with high humidity or dust because these factors can affect the electronic components.

– If your phone has a protection for the screen, do not hesitate to buy and use, especially if you have a touch-screen phone.

If the phone has been dropped in water, follow the next steps:

1. Remove the phone battery

2. In some cases you should put your phone into a bowl of rice for about 24 hours because rice absorbs water very well.

3. If you how to “open” your phone is advisable to proceed in this way so you can dry every component. You should pay a lot attention when you do that, because the pieces can easily broke.

Do not turn on your phone after a contact with liquid. If you do that, the chances that it works again are extremely low.

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