Aug 07

Manual Password

Let’s start with the manual way, password that you establish yourself:

As the password is longer, it is better. Most sites require a minimum of six characters but if you can create a password of 10 or 12 characters, the level of protection will increase. (More characters mean more combinations, making the hacker to work from hard).

In addition it is important to use at least one number and if your system allows and a symbol. For example, you can improve a password like “password” by capitalizing the letter “p” and you can replacing some letters with “numbers” or add a simbol.Result: P4ssw0rd#.

Of course this does not remove the necessity of using different passwords for each site. A viable way that you can do this is to start with site name, and then build around it a secure password, after the model above: P4ssw0rd#.

If you do not want to go through the process of creating and retaining a password then you can always resort to automatic version.

Automatic Password

Password management applications like RoboForm can generate many last passwords or a unique password, hard to break for each site you visit. Then you remember all those passwords for you, you will enter in password field, every time you return to a site.

All you have to do is remember the password manager application. In other words, with a single password, you can manage all accounts.

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