Aug 03

WARNING! Check in Settings> General> About the Modem Firmware version you have. If it is 5.11.07 then not try this tutorial for ultrasn0w because it will not work with that version of the baseband! This tutorial applies to those users who may not work the WiFi or don’t have a nearby WiFi.

Step 1
Connect your phone to your computer and open ifunbox. On the right you will see system files, navigate to private / var / root / media and create a folder called Cydia, then create another called AutoInstall. WARNING! It is very important that the files have the same as shown here otherwise the process will not work.

Step 2
Copy mobilesubstrate.deb in AutoInstall folder and restart the phone by pressing buttons give the Home and Sleep / Wake until the phone screen Apple logo appears.

Step 3
Repeat the process for ultrasn0w.deb.

Step 4
Now the phone should recognize the SIM card and signal bars should be filled. If you enter a PIN and leave it ultrasn0w a few seconds. If when you open the system you got a message with  No Sim leave the phone a few seconds and if it don’t start to search for the network try to give on / off flight mode. If that does not solve the problem then try a reset network settings in Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

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