Aug 12

For those who already have the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, Android 2.2.2 comes with good news. From yesterday Android 2.3.3 has officially launched in Germany (and in some European countries). 2.3.3 version was installed by Kies, so in the official way. In Germany as I understand that the way of launch was chosen first 2.3.3 and in few weeks is following 2.3.4.

Disclaimer: The steps below are designed and tested by me. You are responsible for what you do on your phone; my advice is not the official one. For tips below I do not assume any responsibility.

Official installation steps on Android 2.3.3 for Samsung Galaxy S:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Kies_2.0.0.11044_11_3.exe – 76 Mb.
  2. Set the phone to Kies mode going to Applications-> Settings-> About Telephone-> USB Settings> Select Samusung Kies.
  3. Connect your phone via USB to your computer where is installed Kies.
  4. Internet should be switched on.
  5. The new phone will appear in the top right, right click on it will display a notification that a new firmware is there.
  6. You are prompted to save your contacts and then press Upgrade or Update.
  7. Kies is downloading the latest firmware and automatically apply them.
  8. The phone restarts (phone must be charged and should not be interrupted in this process).
  9. After the restart you will have Android 2.3.3.

Manual installation steps on Android 2.3.3 for Samsung Galaxy S:

  1. Read disclaimer above!
  2. Disable if you have installed lagfix.
  3. Root your phone (eg. with SuperOneClickRoot).
  4. Install the Android Market Spoof FW.
  5. Make a backup of all data from your phone even from FW Spoof!
  6. Launch Spoof FW and set new ProductCode and PDA (ProductCode: GT-I9000HKDNEE, PDA: I9000XWJS8).
  7. Perform a reboot.
  8. Launch Spof FW and set CSC and Phone (CSC: I9000NEEJS1, Phone: I9000XXJQ1). Do not reboot!
  9. Connect your phone with an USB cable to your PC and launch Kies 2.0.
  10. Perform the steps to install the update using the above official instalation.

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