Jul 19

Missing laptop can be found easily, if you’re careful and use an anti-theft program, informs PC Magazine. For the most part of products of this type it’s about where you record your device via Wi-Fi whenever you like. Anti-Theft Program Snuko Premium & Data Recovery (about 21 euro per year) is one of them.

LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software (about 35 euro per year, premium version) is another anti-theft program, which has the advantage that it runs hidden, and the thief will not know anything. Recording can be set to start only when the laptop cannot be found.

GadgetTrak Laptop Security can be set to show only the last place where the laptop was taken without record information: the product cost about 23 euro per year. Other (LaptopSentry or Laptop Superhero) activates an alarm when the laptop is unplugged, that when the owner starts a command.

Many of these programs allow you to communicate with the person who found the laptop, if it is in good faith and wants to return it. LoJack can completely close the laptop, in case of theft, and it cannot be used: unfortunately, so lower the chances that the device be recovered.

Such products also offer the opportunity to back up information, to delete or encrypt them, but it is best to rely on special backup software. Moreover, if the laptop is equipped with a webcam, the programs are automatically a picture and send personal e-mail, to know who stole your laptop.

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