Jun 09

The guys from Gizmodo have discovered a very strange technique to enable a terminal which has been made to update iOS 5 but doesn’t have registered UDID on the account of a developer. The method is very complicated but it seems to work because the guys at Gizmodo are very serious about it. The steps below should be followed very carefully to make sure that your terminal activation after installation is without any problems. The method was discovered by a young man who seems to have much time but managed to find a very useful method that gives many the opportunity to install the iOS 5 without paying anything. The process below will only work on iPhone.

First you have to download the iOS over the Internet 5, preferably from your own developer account, then install it using shift + Check for updates in iTunes. After you finish the installation follow the steps below carefully.

1. Press 3 times the Home button to open the Voice Over.

2. Press 3 times again on the Home button and a menu will appear where you select Emergency Call.

3. After pressing the Emergency Call button will open the window you started the call. Now make a swipe with 3 toes down and you open the Notifications Center.

4. From Notifications Center open the Weather application.

5. Press Home, quit the Weather application and you are ready to use iOS 5.

After you enter in the system shut down the Voice Over and you can use everything in iOS 5 without problems. The idea is that you have a terminal unlocked factory/encoded in the network used by you because the above process will not work at all.

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