Jul 20

Our phones are often assaulted, whether they bump or wearing them with keys in pocket or handbag along with many other things that can scratch.

Screens are the most delicate part of the Smartphone. Anyway the damage quickly, it is as fast and dirty. But the display cannot be cleaned anyway, there are several steps that must follow to make sure that your Smartphone will remain functional, informs PC World.

The most important tool used in cleaning the screen of a Smartphone is microfiber material, which you can buy for a few dollars from electronic stores. Once you have “tool” at hand, remove the phone battery. If the battery is removed may not be enough to stop phone.

Clear the screen gently with dry cloth. Do not press hard. For the portion of the dirt does not go, you can apply moderate pressure. If a dry cloth is shown to be not enough, you’ll need a wet – and here things get complicated. Distilled water is the safest and cheapest liquid screen. If you still do not seem sufficient, in addition to distilled water, add vinegar and white.

Put mixture into a spray bottle and microfiber cloth squirting. Remove the display and wait until the screen is completely dry before you restart the device.

Here are some other tips that you can prevent your phone usage:

1. Be careful how you wear your phone. Maybe a pocket full of keys do not greatly affect dumb phone site that you had before, but your Smartphone has a screen and casing is scratched very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to wear your handset in a protective casing.

2. A protective housing must be built after the model of your Smartphone. Also, if you chose a case that leaves uncovered screen is recommended that you buy and protective membrane to this part of the device’s. They apply across the entire display, securely and allows light to penetrate through and touches them.

3. If the phone is hot to the touch and turn it off (if you allow) away-the battery. If the Smartphone or the battery is still hot after an hour is likely to be entered inside a chemical. In this case, contact an authorized service.

4. Make it a habit to charge the phone every night. Avoid the risk of running out of battery during the day. And do not worry that you will wear out the battery. This is inevitable, no matter what you do. Usually they last for a period of 1-2 years, while the guarantee is valid. Then, most likely you’re still tired of your Smartphone and want to upgrade.

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