Mar 12

– Kept as short as possible to cell phone conversations and avoid unnecessary conversations. Prefer landlines.

– Don’t permit your children to using cell phones except for emergency situations, don’t keep phones near them.

– Make cell phone calls as possible as away from children.

– Don’t to use cell phones during pregnancy except in an emergency.

– Use the cell phone through a headset. ( it doesn’t prevent damages, only reduces )

– Avoid using extra features of cells phones except talking.

– Use SMS for sending short infos.

– Turn off cell phones at night.

– Don’t have a conversation with cell phone indoor areas such as elevators and cars.

– Build the base stations away from the schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

– Prefer cell phones with low SAR value. ( Radiation effects reduces when SAR value decreases). To find out your phone’s SAR value: http://www.sarvalues com/eu-complete.html

– Prefer mobile phones with external antennas.

– During the day carry your cell phone as possible as away from your body.

– Don’t use cell phones on vehicles with electromagnetic brake system, petrol stations and hospitals.

– Don’t carry cell phones near the heart, brain and sexual organs.

– Search the ways of life without a cell phone. Use as possible as classical communication tools.

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