Sep 11

More and more tweaks have implemented PreferenceLoader plugin that allows users to manage that tweak settings directly from the Settings application of iOS. PreferenceLoader works without problems on iOS 4 but on the iOS 5 unfortunately the tweak is not compatible with this plugin and the developer claims that until the final launch of the new operating system will not solve the compatibility issues.

For those who have Mac OS X there is a relatively simple solution to this problem and I have more detail in the below steps that will help you to make PreferenceLoader compatible with iOS 5.

  • Download for free from the App Store Xcode and the patch for PreferenceLoader.
  • Install Xcode then unzip the patch to your desktop and open the Terminal application in Mac OS X.
  • In the Terminal application, type the command cd location_folder_FilippoBiga-iOS-Utilities-5c70846 2_settings_patcher_osx and press enter.
  • After accessing the folder via the Terminal application type make and press enter.
  • In the folder where you unzipped the patch you will find a new file called settings patch.
  • Now connect to your device using iFunbox/iPhone Explorer or any other utility and copy settings_patcher folder/usr/bin then reset the device.
  • After the reset in Settings menu you should already see the tweak settings menus compatible installed. If you do not see anything then reinstalls the tweaks.

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