Feb 15

Those who are using Smartphones are already familiar with the software applications that reads book contacts. Unfortunately, not all applications require the user’s permission and some of them loads the data in their servers without using a secure protocol.

Among the important applications of the iPhone which download contact names, phone numbers and email addresses of contacts is including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Foodspotting, Yelp and Gowalla. It may sound normal to us given that we are always connected with our friends, but not all require permission.

When you are using applications based on social circles of friends, it makes sense to provide the application connect with friends who use it. On the other hand, not everyone in your address book have Twitter or Facebook account. Agenda, with phone numbers and your email is copied entirely on the application server used. There can be two problems related to data taken and how they are transmitted.

It is common sense that the manufacturer of an application does not use your phone number and email from your book for other activities not strictly related to the application. Nobody wants to get email addresses in databases, which sold for $ 100 spammers. A second problem is transmitting the book data to the server. Some applications encrypts data and then send or use a secure data connection. Others did not bother to do any of the above. Contact names, phone numbers and email addresses are put into a text file that is then sent through an insecure data channel.

The source developers have introduced some popular applications – a dialog box asking the user permission to access calendar data. This is a first step. Apple is sure to test and approve applications available in the AppStore, but there were several problems with applications that have passed this filter. The problem is even greater applications for Android, which are not blocked by any authority.

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