Jun 29

Apple has put iPhone 4G to market a few days ago. It seems to hurt mobile market according to first day reports.

As we know from latest news, Apple’s last bomb iPhone 4 includes special features in it, like recording HQ quality vidoes, etc. So many iPhone 3G users were ready to upgrade themselves to newer generation and we know that thousands of pre-orders were given to Apple before iPhone 4G has been put to markets.

CNN Officers announced to World that; iPhone 4 has reached up to 1.5 million sellings at first day and Apple surpassed its own record. Apple’s supervisors are already glad from now on.

In the past; iPhone’s first model was reached to 1 million degree after 74 days later and iPhone 3G was reached 1 million degree in first week. So; iPhone 4 has shown its success just a few days.

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