Aug 31

About the problems with Home button of iPhone 4 device you all know so I do not think has got to get back into the details because we have previously discussed about them. I still talk about a very simple procedure that get back to life the Home button and a day passed after I tried it and I noticed that it is successful. The method used by me only involve the devices buttons and is not possible to not ruin the device so it is 100% safe and it is working. Follow the instructions below after completing their Home button should work properly:

  • Unlock it, open an application and hold down the Lock / Power to the screen displays the slider to close the device.
  • This technique makes a recalibration of the Home button and after it carried out everything should work normally without problems.
  • Take the hand from the Lock button, then press lightly the Home button and hold it down for 5-10 seconds until the menu disappears and appears on the screen Springboard.

Unofficially it is the technique for recalibrating the Home button and you can repeat whenever you want because you do not like to mess up the device. In my case the above steps have returned to normal functionality of the Home button and I hope that in the future things will stay on that way. Even in case that the button begins to malfunction after a few days / weeks, you can repeat the procedure to revive him. I hope that techniques will be useful.

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