Apr 10

We don’t need to worry about Instagram acquisition by Facebook, because change will not affect users, according to official statements. Instagram will remain the same social services that users of iOS love and Android users started to like. And for a complete experience, HoneyGram promises to open our Instagram world in a way that certainly many of you will find attractive.

HoneyGram is a browser for Instagram photos shared by millions of users worldwide. Not necessarily require authentication, you can view your creations draw without an account.

The interface is beautifully designed and we have all the tools to enjoy the fascinating experiences shared through this service. Is available including a search engine. Each image can be saved and shared on other social networks, your choice. We have the proximity settings and can even view pictures taken at 50 meters from our current location and add a comment to each photo.

Once you log in using Instagram account, the range of options will began to expend. We feed our view photos, as I do it using the official application, pictures that we have shared and that we liked. Very attractive is the option to make photo collages, you can rearrange, save and share freely.

Even if you haven’t tried Instagram, it worth to give your attention to HoneyGram application, only for visual pleasures that will be offered. You can download for free from Play Store.

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