Apr 21

With the release of Android 4.0, iOS users can no longer boast of supremacy in the appearance and functionality. Many developers have started to adopt the style of Ice Cream Sandwich and transform applications into true splendor. Applications that I will present here you won’t be found in store. At least not yet.

Holo Pad
is an application for quick notes. It was designed to be noticed because of its simplicity. You will not find hidden menus, in fact you will not find menus, just the setting that provides updates and a link to the XDA Developers dedicated topic. Since Holo Pad Store is not available, you can update using the dedicated only. Otherwise, you have the button to add a note after you complete the fields you can press back to see the note automatically saved.

Holo Music is an application to acoustic play, with a very attractive interface and options that I would like to see on more such alternatives. Working with the music player is a pleasure, everything is arranged using a system of tabs that you access with ease. The application uses integrated musical effects in Android 4.0 to give a 3D equalizer options and Bass Boost effects. The main screen displays album art in large format and provides quick shortcuts playback modes. Very interesting is the option to share the name of any song you listen through social networking. Settings reveals the power of these applications. We can customize gestures to change tracks and when your screen is turned down, music is automatically stopped. We provide a menu of topics, but they have not been finalized yet. Then we customize the interface and animations, or set the album cover as wallpaper on the main screen.




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