Aug 09

For a while there is an option in iTunes that allows users to manage their accounts associated iDevices with an Apple ID that is used with icloud. Option is not for all accounts that have been used with iCloud  but if you have a Apple ID associated with an iTunes  account then open iTunes and go to Store> Sign In and log in with your Apple ID. After you login go to the menu again and then select the View My Account and in the newly opened menu you will see a new entry called iTunes in the iCloud Beta.

This new entry provides information on the number of iDevice associated with your Apple ID used with icloud and ypu have in right the option to Manage Devices that allows register the devices on the account administration. Accessing Manage Devices menu you will see which terminals are associated with Apple ID and you have the option to revoke the device authorization. The Apple ID association is made when an application downloaded from the iTunes from the section Puchased (section where you previously download the applications) or when using the new system Automatic Downloads with your device (the system that automatically downloads to iDevice any application downloaded from iTunes).

In conclusion, the new menu allows you to delete authorizations for iDevice so you do not get in a position in which you can not login with an account on an iDevice. Normally authorization expires in 90 days but now we can delete at any time.

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